Aline Feline, the story

Aline Feline’s cat cafe

The Aline Féline cat café, established in 2016 by Mélanie Thibault in memory of Aline, her grandmother, was located at 4801 avenue du Parc in Montreal. This small sanctuary was dedicated to relaxation among eight cats whose author of his line and owner had the chance to see the therapeutic effects. Relaxed discussions over Camelia Sinensis tea in the presence of cats basking in the sun, we could not ask for better.

Aline Feline goes virtual

Sweet dreams come true, we want more! Here is now version 2.0 of Aline Féline by making the pixels dance to the rhythm of UX design. Much more than visual, UX design also appeals to the interactivity of a visitor with all aspects of a website, application or virtual reality session. To make this experience more intuitive and enjoyable. With a cat on your lap, you work better, don’t you? Well, that’s how users of your platform would like to feel when visiting your page, if the allegory suits you. Aline Féline would like to make you feel at home here on her site, a place of discovery and sharing on UX design and of course cats!