UX Design

Achieving your business goals on the web, for both a site and an application, depends on the experience that users, your customers, have when they visit. This is where Aline Féline can make a difference.

The UX design includes the aesthetics of the site, but beyond that, its ergonomics, its adaptive design, that is to say optimal on all types of screens, its architecture, not to mention accessibility for people with hearing restrictions or visual.

We can help you determine together the personas that represent your target customers and develop your audience on a good basis.

While we are busy making the fur of your website shine, you can devote your time to your business and brushing your cats …

Grant request

The search for public funds has no more secrets for our felines strutting about, la Maîtrise in the paw – signed La Sorbonne (Paris … Show off to the end of the claws). Between the project you have in mind and the writing of fundraising requests, there is a whole process. We provide our knowledge in the matter so that this approach is a charm and turns into rewards thanks to an effective strategy. This includes a list of the programs available according to your project, the calendar of deadlines, the drafting of grant applications, monitoring and reports.

Content Writing

Finding the right words is a specialty of Aline Féline, thanks to a solid experience in journalism and communication. Each project is unique and we find the right words to attract the right prospects, maintain the curiosity of your readership, and increase your ardent admirers.

If we know how to tame feral cats, we have the patience to figure out which delicious words will interest your audience.


Do you already have very good texts and yet your business is not in the good graces of search engines? Our editing services take care of your SEO (SEO for acronym fans). Search engines favor well-chosen keywords and rich texts. To do this, Aline Féline uses essential techniques and key tips, because cats can hunt in the dark!