Melanie Thibault

From felines to Ux design

The passion for cats took hold in the heart of a country child where there were several holiday cottages. After the summer season passed, some new litters were left behind, too numerous to occupy the smaller space in city apartments. It was then with patience that this little one tamed the twenty or so growing kittens, who no longer had so many hunting treasures in the winter. Growing up in the countryside, her grandmother Aline knew the vast experience, herself the daughter of farmers. Metropolitan Montreal, where she had a career as an elementary school teacher, took a break to visit her granddaughter in nature, among cats. This exchange on felines had become customary between them. Once Mélanie arrived in town in her turn, after a six-year trip to Paris for her studies, the young woman’s cat also took part in certain visits to Grandmother’s! Behind the history of cats as a common subject, it is Aline’s complicity and inspiration that has led Mélanie to develop an atypical professional career. Theater, college education, cultural journalism, performance, entrepreneurship and web development now lead to Design UX.

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